September 6, 2008

A New Blog Series

Well, that settles it, I'm being forced to start a "crazy crap people search for to find my blog" series.
Today's strangest: sucking newborn booger with your mouth
Some past faves include: tramp-stamp tattoo removed, sissy boi milking, kids puking mom blog, doodlebops gayest thing ever, and boogers in hair.
The one I can't fathom a reasonable result from is sissy lockable clothes. Lockable clothes? Is there such a thing? And why sissy?
Then there are the P.O.S. perv searches. Well, you all know how I feel about those.


Anonymous said...

These always crack me up. There are some weird people, or maybe normal people searching for weird things out there in internet land!

Anonymous said...

I know what you some of the google search people do, I can't imagine what they are looking for.