September 28, 2008

Letter to the President

Hey Mr Big Shot,

You're almost done fucking up our country. Praise God! I didn't blog everytime you were photographed reading a book upside down and I didn't keep a running tab on all the stupid shit you say every other day. I mean really, you are the leader of the free world. Turn off the fucking mic before you start talking shit. I'm all for a little venting and in my opinion, the cursing helps but you are under a little more scrutiny than I am. Act like you have the sense to know that.

But that's not the point, the point is that now you've pissed me off. I was out of town on Wednesday and had the DVR set to record Criminal Minds. So last night I curl up on the couch with some Twizzlers all ready to watch my show. Instead of seeing super-sexy Special Agent Derek Morgan, I see your pinched up, wrinkley, head spouting off at the mouth about all the help you are going to give and how you are so very worried about us. Shut the fuck up! Go home to your mansions and ride it out with the rest of us. I've got a feeling you'll be just fine - fucking fantastic, indeed. So since your lying ass took up the first 15 minutes of Criminal Minds, the last 15 minutes of Criminal Minds got cut off.

So, Mr Big Shot, tell me, what happened in the last 15 minutes of that episode? There was a bomb in the building and super-hot Special Agent Derek Morgan was going to drive the bomb away from the hospital... and then nothing. Yeah, thanks for more nothing!


Lumberyard said...

Hilarious post! made my morning!

Jen said...

I don't ever care what he has to say so why does it have to interrupt good TV. I am so with you on this one.

Sarah said...

Did you really want to know or have you already been to CBS to see? Cause I can tell you! Nothing comes between me and Morgan! Nothing!!

Anonymous said...

Now you sound like your step-dad!
Funny stuff, though.

Miss Blondie said...

LMAO!! I couldn't agree with you more!! He always interrupts good shows to say pretty much absolutely nothing!