September 23, 2008

Is God Reading Martians?

There IS a God in Heaven and He actually listens to my prayers - or reads my blog. Hey, however the message gets across, I'm not picky. Aidan and I have had numerous conversations about his behavior at preschool. Sometimes he would placate me and say he was gonna be good from now on and other times he would taunt me by saying he was gonna kick me in the toes and run far, far away all by himself and never come back again. I'd just smile and think to myself, "you promise?" We made a chart to keep track of his chores and allowance he can earn for doing them. On Tuesdays and Thursdays one of his chores is to behave at preschool. Behaving at preschool gets him a whole $1 in addition to the possible $1 for his other chores. Pissing me off Not behaving at preschool costs him the bonus $1 AND the possible $1 for the other chores. It's also possible it could earn him a red ass but I'd like to stay out of the DHS office so...

Okay, point of the story: Aidan had a freaking FANTASTIC day at preschool! He walked right in, kissed and hugged me, and started talking to his teacher! And when I picked him up he was getting an award certificate for being so good all day. I'm so not kidding! I thought his teacher was gonna pee her pants, she was so excited and proud of him. She let him have 3 suckers. I wasn't sure she was gonna stop giving him crap. It was like everytime she thought about it she just had to reward him some more. He loved it, obviously. And quite honestly, so did I.

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