September 28, 2008

Cops and Hankies

On Thursday I took the hellions with me to visit an old friend, at the police department. He's a cop, not an inmate!

Aidan was all excited about going until he got inside. I think he caught a glimpse of his possible future so he refused to talk to anyone and pretended to be shy. He just couldn't be charming and sweet, make it look like I have some authority over him, that I'm not raising a future felon. Naw, that would have been way too much to ask for! Asher, on the other hand didn't have a care in the world, ran straight into one of the officer's laps. The officer might not have known it but Asher had him.

As soon as the door to the station closes, Aidan turns to me and says;

"I didn't know policemen weared Grandma Fleisher's hankies on their heads."

I'm glad he didn't say that in front of him, I don't think I could have stopped the snorting. Eudell wasn't on duty so he was in street clothes which that day included a bandana on his head. It really wasn't a pattern I could see Grandma pulling out of her pocket, m-kay? I don't even know how Aidan put that together. The way that kid's mind works scares me.

But, oh, this gets even better...

Later in the trip Aidan wakes up from a dead sleep and this is the conversation;

"Mama, does Deedle let his little boy wear his hankie?"

"Do you mean Eudell? Which little boy?

*I'm crying from laughing already!*

"The one at the bumpooter that played with Asher." *meaning the grown-ass man officer!*
I don't know how old the officer is but he's older than I am. Yet apparently not too old to be 'Deedle's little boy'. It's a good thing we were close to home by then cuz I'm gonna admit it, I peed a little from laughing so hard.


Anonymous said...

I love 'age' through kids eyes. Hayden and I had a similar conversation.

Anonymous said...

So cute and so funny!