September 19, 2008

Blasted iPhone!

I swear to God, this iPhone is gonna be the death of me! I connect it to sync up and CRASH. It was as if you could actually hear it crash. Well, actually it sounded more like "bitch, I'm an iPhone, you can't handle an iPhone! Buh-bye." 2 hours and a disconnection later, I'm back up and running. So, Drew at iPhone tech support, bless your geeky little heart! And suck it, iPhone!


Unknown said...

Yep I am right there with you fellow Springdale sista! My damn phone crashes on me all the time, I have had to restore it like 3 times, if I wasn't having a love affair with the thing I would stomp it to pieces.

Krissi said...

Ahh maybe that "chuckingit" thing has something to do with the love/hate relationship you and your Iphone have??

Damn you I've started a blog... no where near a cool or neat as yours yet but you just wait, 5 or 6 straight days of neglecting Caleb and I'll be giving you a run for your money girl..

take a look

Devilpup00 said...

You should just get rid of it and get a blackberry. Problem solved. LOL

just a girl... said...

iphone's should come with complimentary xanax