August 26, 2008

You're Going to Hell

Hey you! Sick, twisted fuck who finds my blog by searching for kids swimming n*ked, n*ked kid pictures, n*ked swimming, sissy boy, sissy boy wearing diapers, n*ked sissy boy and whatever else disgusting shit that turns degenerate, fucked up mama's boys like you on. I can see what you searched for to land you on my blog. And I can see your IP address. In case you haven't seen a Dateline episode in the last, I don't know, 10 years!, the internet isn't exactly anonymous. Especially for pedophile kiddie-porn "research", which I'm guessing is your brilliant excuse in case you do get caught. Listen to this, I'm gonna report every one of your sorry asses. You might not go to jail but it'll be there in your "proof that I'm a fucking piece of shit child molester" file waiting for when you do get caught. You're gonna be someone's bitch in prison unless you start whacking off to something a little more mainstream. Sleep well, asshole!
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