August 23, 2008

What the Hell is Twitter Anyway?

I'm getting the feeling I'm the only one on the internet who doesn't do Twitter. Not only do I not do it, I can't even figure out what the fuck it is. I went to the site and read the 'About Us' but I still got nothing. I used to have a Yahoo 360 profile, Facebook account, and a Myspace account. I did away with Facebook months ago and I severely neglect Myspace for this blog thing now. 360 is apparently like the cottage cheese look of my ass, I can't get rid of it, try as I might. I need another computer time suck like I need to devour an entire carrot cake but the attention whore in me is saying, "screw the husband, kids, and housework, do Twitter". I'm gonna do it, aren't I? Shit!
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