August 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

So I guess I'm gonna try out this Thursday Thirteen thing. I see it on many of my favorite blogs and I've got nothing clever to write today so here we go.

Thirteen things that Aidan says and does to slowly drive me crazy

  1. Stands on a toybox, uses a baseball bat to unlock the lock on his closet, and takes all of the blankets out.
  2. Says, "I'll just do whatever I want to, so..."
  3. Slaps Asher
  4. Refuses to eat whatever we are having for dinner. Opting instead for the ultra-nutritious corn dog and 2 cups of ketchup before demanding his "ba-sert"
  5. Taking off his clothes every single time he gets the chance and then saying he can't remember where they are. They're almost always thrown in the bathtub.
  6. Grilling me every hour wanting to know what we are doing tomorrow.
  7. Steals Asher's animal train and has a complete meltdown if Asher wants to play with it too.
  8. Goes into Asher's room, wakes him up by scaring the crap out of him, and leaves him crying in his room while he comes to tell me, "Asher just woked up, Mama!"
  9. Listens to Let My Love Open the Door on my iPhone 18 times in a row every afternoon.
  10. Tells me and his Daddy that he's gonna beat us if we don't listen to him.
  11. Manages to ask for milk if there was juice in his cup before or juice if it was milk before.
  12. Puts his pudgy hands on his hips and screams, "FINE!"
  13. Argues with me about washing his hands after using the bathroom saying, "But look, Mama, there is no poop on my hands!"

Dang, is that 13 already? I'm not even close to done. I'm gonna invent Three hundred thirty three Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Aren't boys turds? My drives me BONKERS too!

Anonymous said...

"But Moo-oom...But, but, but Mooo-ooom!" If I hear that one more time.....And what is with the NAKED?!?! Is it a boy thing that clothes just won't stay on their bodies? And now he has the little one doing it too! I'm headed to Australia - wanna come with?

Anonymous said...

OMG I really am beginning to think we are one in the same. My son is also an Aidan