August 9, 2008

Thanks, Olympics, For My New Fears

Ok, I think I've got a new phobia. Now, in addition to rubber balloons and trees growing out of water *ugh!* I'm adding China. Yes, the country, people, government, etc... Rubber balloons suck because they pop and startle me and that freaks me the fuck out. Trees growing out of water *shudder* freaks me the fuck out and should freak you the fuck out because honestly, that's fucking freaky! But China just generally scares the shit out of me. I imagine this is how most of the world feels about the US. It stems from kinda figuring they could take us over if they ever really decided to. Yeah, I know, the US is the super-power, we're tough, blah blah blah... we're fucking arrogant and China could take us. That freaks me the fuck out. The next 15 days are gonna be rough on me.
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