August 17, 2008

WTF?!?! of the Day

Okay, there is the usual after-baby-new-hair-growth and then there is the abyss. The abyss, in my opinion, is when said new-hair-growth is crazy curly, completely unmanagable, and generally a huge hinderance in my daily grooming routine. Yes, I have a routine and despite my schedule-sucking offspring, inherant laziness, and mind-numbing obsession to the Twilight series, I manage to bathe and clip my toenails regularly. Damn, I am Super Mom after all! Okay, but seriously, shit is pissing me off!


Jessica said...

yup i hear ya on that one why do you think i have my side bangs??!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, quitcherbitchin. At least you've got an oval face. Try going through life with a moon face! If I ever get on steroids, nobody will even be able to tell!
(Is there no end to these damninable letters we have to type in order to post?)

Anonymous said...

Hey Nana! Quitcherbitchin', I've got it set to NO for word verification, talk to Blogger. And "moon" isn't technically a face shape, it's called round but I think yours is more square. Love you, jerk :)