August 8, 2008

I'm No Navigator

I go to pick up a friend at the airport. It started out so innocently...

So I see the runway but can't find the terminal. Is it just me or is terminal not a great word for use concerning flying?

Anyway, eventually I call her to ask if she sees me aimlessly driving around anywhere. She doesn't. I ask her where she is, as if she knows since she's never been there either. Finally she tells me to put on my nice voice (because the F bomb is flowing freely at this point), which greatly amuses the guys at the terminal, and puts me on speaker to figure out where I am.

After almost hitting a cop head-on, I find her. It was all worth it. We spent the day gossiping and cursing (she is my profanity soulmate) so it was a perfect day! She had to leave too soon.

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Anonymous said...

You guys are pretty.