August 5, 2008

A Miracle Happened Today

Okay, maybe not a miracle in the traditional sense but remarkable none-the-less. Adam, Jackson, and Aidan were in Jackson's bedroom playing this morning when Jackson comes running out crying and holding his head. I immediately go into the room to see why Aidan hit him - because of course it was Aidan, there's no question, right? So I asked what happened and Aidan starts to say and then stops short, looks over at Adam and says, "Can I tell?" Adam says, "Yeah, he's crying cuz I hit him with this car." I'm stunned. Adam doesn't hit. Ever. I asked if it was an accident and he says, "Yes, an accident and I was sorry." So this post isn't special so much because it was Adam who hit but that it wasn't Aidan. I've got a feeling, however, that it was Aidan who instigated the nekkid swimming that ensued shortly before. Some pictures of that might follow if I can successfully black-bar them to be suitable for posting.

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Anonymous said...

Naked swimming? Maybe my son wandered over to your house!! I think today was the only day that didn't have some random was..aww crap!