August 9, 2008

I'm Having Too Much Fun With This

So, last post aside, I'm butt-crazy in love with my husband. But sometimes I just like to do stuff to irritate him. It's kind of my way of evening the score in terms of "he doesn't have a clue what I deal with every. single. day. with the kids at home". I'm on a roll this weekend.

First I used his razor. And I didn't even try to hide the evidence. He comes out of the bathroom and in his best "boss" voice says, "Yes or no, did you use my razor?" In my best "whatcha-gonna-do-about-it" voice and with a grin I say, "Yes". He just turns around to go clean it. *smirk*

Then, partly because I'd do it anyway but mostly because it disgusts him, I drink the pickle juice from the jar.

And as my final assault, I "accidently" let it slip to Aidan that Daddy is going to the store. After 2 meltdowns over how many babies Aidan can lug around with them, they hit the door. He's called me twice already to tell me the horror of it all. The kid is sleeping in the back seat before they even got out of the city limits and he already feels tortured. I can't wait until he calls after he wakes him up to take him into the store. *smirk*

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Ordie O. said...

I thought I noticed a distinct air of rebellion in you this last visit. While I hold no ill will toward Matt, I think it's a breakthrough! Good on you, Sister.