August 15, 2008

The Drama of Blogging

I'm not quite self-absorbed enough to think that my blog posts will create much buzz but since I've been reading more and more blogs out there, I'm getting kinda paranoid. People are fucking crazy, okay? And people get downright vicious and even crazier when shielded by a keyboard. And women in particular are lethal. I oughtta know, I am one! This blogging thing is some kind of weird competative, clique-y (my blog, my words), virtual popularity contest. Sure, I'd like to have tons of fans who think everything I write is the funniest, wittiest, coolest shit they ever read but again, I'm not totally dillusional. I've got those poor folks I force to read "Martians" and a few readers I've picked up here and there. Up until very recently this side of the blog was my dirty little secret where I could bitch and complain in my native language without being judged for it, see how that all works out for me? But now it's open and I've gotten some interesting emails and comments that inspired me to make the FAQ page. I've seen the wrath of the insane internet people come down on a blogger because one half-ass post offended some Republican, SAHM crusader, or fucking martyr-who's-gonna-keep-her-kid-in-a-backward-facing-carseat-until-he's-18-because-she's-the-best-mother-EVER-and-the-rest-of-us-are-here-to-learn-from-her. I don't have the impulse control not to make it my goal in life to make you sorry you ever stumbled upon my blog. I'm just sayin'... People suck! I oughtta know, I am one...
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