August 30, 2008

Dr's Office Drama

I just realized that I completely forgot to blog about our latest suicide mission visit to the dr office with the boys. On Tuesday Asher had his 1 year well baby visit. The Chunk weighs 25lb 13oz, I forget the massive head circumference, and is 31 inches tall. 90th percentile all the way around. He also got 2 shots, he cried, it was sad but he lived. Asher doesn't seem to have the propensity for drama that Aidan has. Not yet anyway.

You may remember the last visit when Aidan had his 4yr shots and what an obscene nightmare that was. And then the nightmare continued when the nurse called us to say "sike! you gotta come back for one more!". Even though my fight or flight instincts were telling me do not mention the shot for Aidan, don't do it, it's gonna be awful, you'll be sorry. I brought it up and tried to bribe prepare Aidan for one last shot. I'll admit it was kind of sad when he said okay first and then after thinking it through he looked at me and said, "Mama, I don't want the shot, I don't wanna cry today." By the time the nurse came back he was under the chairs, legs and arms wrapped around the chair legs and he was frozen stiff that way. I handed off Asher and readied for battle. 2 other nurses and I pried him away and semi-held him down while the other nurse gave him the shot. Let me tell you that I've never seen Aidan as angry as he was then. It wasn't just his face that was bright red, his whole body was. When we let him go he went straight for the nurse who gave him the shot. I've never seen grown women run so fast from a preschooler. They were smart to though. A split second after they got out and shut the door he jerked it open and screamed at the top of his lungs, "I am NEVER coming back here again EEEEVVVVEEEERRRRR!" and slammed it back shut. I bore the brunt of the rest of his fury.

Fun times...

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