August 29, 2008

Books and The Child I Married

I'm a grown-ass woman who's up after midnight because she can't sleep because she's scared. Yup, scared. As in of monsters or something. Fucking Stephen King! There's a reason I've read very few of his books. I can watch horror movies all night long but a scary book will seriously screw with my head. Explain that one.

I've been on a reading kick lately. It all started with the Twilight series, which I just discovered. I read each of the 4 books in under 48 hours and all within a span of 2 weeks. I admit it, I've got a crush on Edward. It's all I can do not to ask my husband to suck on an ice cube before he kisses me. The one book I read before Twilight this year was Forever by Pete Hamill. If someone had told me the plot, I'd never have even picked it up. I just found it in my house, started reading it, and loved it. Since Twilight I have read The Shack, A Certain Slant of Light, and Lost and Found. And tonight I started Everything's Eventual by Stephen Must-Be-Some-Kind-of-Crazy-to-Come-Up-with-This-Shit King. It's actually 14 short stories but this isn't a book review blog, it's a bitching blog. Check out for reviews and all that jazz. I can give this little tidbit of advice, don't read The Man in the Black Suit late at night.

Oh, and just because I said I would, I'm gonna mention the Mr and how he gets in these moods where he just picks at me and jacks with me all night long. Yes, kinda like I've been known to do occasionally.

Shut it! Stay on topic!

So we are getting ready for bed when I thought I saw some kind of red bug thingie flying by me in the bathroom. I performed the "girly bug freak out dance" and ran. He comes over, says he got it, and throws something red at me. I flip out like a good little damsel in distress until I see that it's actually a red piece of potpourri. He's laughing hysterically at me. "Ass!", I say, "that's it, I'm gonna blog about your childish antics tonight!" to which he replies, "don't threaten me with that fucking blog!". It was never merely a threat, dear.


Jen said...

Nice come back. I do the same thing. Husbands out watch.
I can't read Stephen King either just to darn scary.

Melissa Angert {All Things Chic} said...

i can't read stephen king when my husband is traveling. or watch csi. i get too scared of bumps in the night.
one time after watching some freaky show i got sucked in to, i finally fell asleep at like 2am. then, around 4, i opened my eyes and my daughter was standing there watching me sleep! scared about 2 weeks off of my life!!!
i'm dying to read the twilight series. i need to get over harry potter ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's not true! Matt wouldn't use language like that. (I'm thinking of a certain phone call and laughing to myself).