August 31, 2008

Booger Sucking the 4 Year old

"Uh, what?" you ask? Yeah, Mr is in Aidan's room using an infant booger sucker on him. Funny story... Aidan gets a stuffed up nose at night. Every night. And he constantly sniffs his nose in the most unproductive and irritating way. It makes him extremely unpleasant for two reasons.

#1. anytime Aidan is woke up by anything other than his own will, he's completely unreasonable for a minimum of 30 minutes

#2. anytime Aidan can't mad-handle the universe into working exactly the way he wants it to, he's completely unreasonable until things go his way.

It makes for some creative scheduling around here. So tonight he wakes up and is inconsolable over his nose issues. We try everything from just breath through your mouth to blow your nose, don't suck it in to I don't know what you want us to do about it, Aidan! 

Finally he gets mad, takes his unused tissue and his babies, stomps back to his room, and slams the door. Two seconds later his bedroom door opens and he chucks out the unused tissue into the hallway. We curl up in hysterical laughter. Two seconds after that his bedroom door opens up and he jumps out, picks up the tissue, and slams the door again. Again, we are laughing like lunatics. Two seconds after that the door opens again and out comes the used tissue. Turns out Daddy's not a total idiot and maybe blowing the snot out rather than sucking it back into your brain is a good idea. Enter infant booger sucker. Good times in our house!

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Anonymous said...

I hope that you win! LOL