August 5, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

I look up this afternoon to realize I've got 5 minutes to get ready for my hair appointment. Why would I "get ready" for a hair appointment you ask? Well, because the woman who does my hair is easily the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in person. Top 5 most beautiful woman I've even seen a picture of. It's actually painful to see both her and my face together in the mirror. It's like a before and after shot of a burn victim or something. But she's also incredibly easy to talk to, funny, very, very, nice... I almost wish she was an asshole so I could hate her. But nooooo! Some bitches have all the luck!

So I walked in there feeling like Sasquatch. In bad need of a haircut. And an eyebrow waxing too, I might add. Oh, and a pedicure. Aw shit, like I said, Sasquatch! She gave me a cute short new do, complimented my Wal-Mart hair-color, and sent me on my way. I walked out of there feeling like Sasquatch. I gotta find a fugly gal to cut my mop.


~aj~ said...

Awww, somebody's got a girl crush. :)

Ordie O. said...

You're insane. There's nobody prettier than you.