August 2, 2008

All this from one incident

It's been a while since I've been around teenagers. It'll be a while before I'm spend any time around any of the little fuckers again for a longer while. Unless you're living in a cave, you know on Aug 2 the 4th installment of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn, is coming out. I met Lisa - who got me hooked on it like fucking crack, thanks a bunch - at Barnes&Noble to wait until midnight to buy it. At least 80% of the crowd were 13-17 year old kids. Obnoxious, oblivious, smart-ass kids. The books didn't hit me as being for that age group but I guess... Some were actually dressed up like vampires. Fangs, fake blood, and all. It was kinda weird. But they were kids acting like kids. And I know at that age, being referred to as a "kid" would have pissed me off but they are kids! Kids, I tell you! As in not that different than Aidan. Just bigger. Some of them anyway, some of them could have stood to eat a fucking sandwich. Anyway, watching them all made me #1 thank God that I wasn't a teenager anymore and #2 beg God to let Aidan be an easy teenager since he's been such a pain in the ass thus far. Resisting the urge to strangle those little bastards tonight pales in comparison to how I imagine it might be to not strangle my own kid seeing as how there's no going home to get away from him. Here's hopin'.

So hows that for a post. A mention of my new fave book, the trouble with today's youth, vampires, my future as mother of a teenager, homicidal fantasies, and God. That's quite the range...
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