August 24, 2008

A 5am Rambling

What is happening here? Oh yeah, it's 5 am. And I'm awake. And watching Doodlebops. You remember my Doodlebop issues? My homicidal fantasies feelings have not changed. There are cartoons and kid shows, Doodlebops being one of them, that if I see them on the guide, I'll lie and say nothing is on. And then there are cartoons and kid shows I think I might like more than Aidan does. Hell, it's 5am, why not break out a list?

Top 5 shows that make me want to blow my head off
  1. Doodlebops (duh)
  2. Barney - except for one time with my MIL, I don't think Aidan has ever seen it.
  3. anything Anime - it truly creeps me out. It's only slightly below China and rubber balloons.
  4. Pink Panther - I mean, what is that show about anyway? I don't get it!
  5. Sponge Bob Square Pants - simply because I can't get the theme song out of my head for days afterward!

Top 5 shows I may like better than Aidan does

  1. Rugrats - that Chucky cracks me up!
  2. Lilo and Stitch - I keep waiting for the other people in that show to realize that Stitch and the others are freaking aliens! Does he look like any dog you've ever seen?
  3. Jimmy Neutron - the kid's head is enormous!
  4. Flintstones - cannot get enough of it.
  5. My Friends Tigger and Pooh - even though Darby's outfit doesn't match in the slightest!


Anonymous said...

I actually miss the Doodlebops. Or "bops" as my daughter called them. She was even Deedee for Halloween a couple years ago. Sooo cute too. :)

I totally agree about the anime crap though. I always expect them to start going at it. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the things that go through our minds at 5am.
I agree with you on the shows except for Sponge Bob. We are just getting into this show. So right now it is one of my faves for Hayden b/c it means that for 30 minutes he will sit and not move or talk. I can have thoughts of my own.