July 24, 2008

A Tattoo Is Forever - Or Is It?

So today was the first of 4 to 6 sessions of tattoo removal by the best-thing-since-sliced-bread laser. "Oh, it doesn't hurt at all, this is the best!". Uh, not exactly... sure the laser doesn't hurt, its the approximately 14 needles they stuck in my back to numb me up so the laser doesn't hurt. Let's just break this thing down, shall we? $100 to get a cheap, tacky, "tramp stamp" tattoo when I was 21 stupid years old. $800 minimum to have cheap, tacky, "tramp stamp" tattoo removed 8 years later. I should have stuck with piercings... You'll have to excuse me while I go take some Tylenol before my back starts to BLISTER and BLEED which should happen anytime now and last about a week!
*NOTE - my tattoo does not say Tramp Stamp, that's just the endearing term that has been applied to the tattoos that thousands of dumb girls have had inked on their lower backs. Nice, hu?
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