July 7, 2008

Somebody Stole My Pix!

Like I said, I've got some stories to tell about our long hiatus and I have 296 pictures to prove it all. Well, I had 296 pictures last night. This morning I've got a big fat ZERO. All of my vacation pictures are gone. Some of these stories simply must have a photo to get the real feeling across. I'm stumped. Someone broke into our house last night and stole all our vacation pix! Who would do such a thing? Gypsies, gang members, escaped mental patients... I don't know but the police better find the skell responsible and bring him to justice - and by justice I mean bring him/her to me... their punishment will be to watch my kids while I write blogs and complete them with my pictures. 296 PICTURES! Where the hell are they? Ugh!!!
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