July 27, 2008

Welcome to the Other Side

I've said before that I am edited on the other blog meaning I try not to cuss or go off on my rants that ARE necessary. It's hard to assume that most of 'the other blog' readers wouldn't be able to take it, the foul language, the big time complaining, the UnAmanda of me that most of you know, but I know there are some that just shouldn't be here at this one. Those of you I already know can take it got an invite here. If it turns out you're a pansy, I'll let you out - but you must not speak about the insanity over here over there. It's like Fight Club - 1st Rule is NEVER TALK ABOUT IT. This blog is mine, it's mostly about me... and nothing and everything... It just needs to be accepted. Criticism won't be taken well here.

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