July 27, 2008

Like Son, Like Father

Aidan has a bad habit of mouthing off. Ya, think?!?!

If he doesn't like what we're telling him, he shouts, "Stop talking to me!".

When he's told to stop doing something, he puts his pudgy hands on his hips and says, "I'm just gonna do it anyway.".

There are so many other examples but it makes me angry and since I shouldn't go wailing on him while he's asleep...

So, one evening last week I was talking to Mr, trying to sweet talk him into going to the store for one badly needed item - sweet tea!

What? It IS a necessity!

Anyway, I kept adding things to his list when he interrupts me to say, "Okay, just stop talking to me!".

Okay, Aidan, Sr!!

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Anonymous said...

Too funny!