July 2, 2008

Just the Beginning

Man, oh man, do I have some blogs to write! We have been away visiting family in Iowa and Nebraska since last Thursday - hence the lazy-bum blogger I've become. We will come home next Monday and do I have some tales to tell. I've come close to stringing up a noose for myself a couple of times and the boys have probably wondered if their mom is crazy (hint, I'd have to be - it's just me and the kids, not a fair fight) but we've survived thus far. Anyway this one thing just made me laugh so hard I almost peed a little. Kid Sister and I were in the living room while the boys played in their room. Yeah, so it had been a little while since we checked in on them, mind your own business! - I thought I heard a spraying sound over the blaring Ghost Hunters episode that we were engrossed in. Oops, now the truth comes out, we were vegging out on the TV, like you haven't done it! Eventually Kid Sister went in and caught the action. Aidan emptied a whole can of aerosol hairspray onto Jayden's back. She calls me in there for authority-support and to scold Aidan 'cuz like I said, it's not a fair fight. It kinda backfired on her. I start on my rant but I thought about how she's always joking about Jayden's hairy back. So instead I said, "Well, he just saw all that hair and thought that would be the best product to control it." I found myself quite hilarious, Kid Sister tried to act offended but I heard her giggle.

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Anonymous said...

It's not funny that can of hairspray cost me $20 I guess you can just pay me for that HA!