July 11, 2008

He's Not the Forgiving Type

Well, we are officially "mean Mommy and Daddy". Honest mistake considering Aidan's history, here's what happened...

Most mornings Aidan comes into our room to watch cartoons while Daddy gets ready for work and I sleep (God willing). He takes full advantage of my unconsciousness to do whatever he wants. 

Usually it's go scare the crap out of Asher and then come tell me he "just woked up". 

Sometimes it's raid the kitchen like a starved lunatic. 

Yesterday morning was a raid the kitchen day. I guess he grabbed 2 fudge rounds and took them in to show Daddy, who told him to only eat one. 

Naturally, he ate them both. 

Then, by count, Daddy realizes that somewhere along the way he must have downed a 3rd. Damned if he'd admit it though. Finally we badgered him enough so he admitted it, said he was sorry, and went about watching My Friends Tigger & Pooh. 

Later in the day I get in the box - just to count, not eat, right? - and see that Daddy miscounted and Aidan hadn't eaten the 3rd one after all. 

So after preschool, I explained to Aidan that Mommy and Daddy made a mistake and we were sorry, he was right and he told the truth and we didn't listen. 

Aidan says, "It's okay for yelling at me, Mama." 

I said, "Thanks, baby, you're a sweet boy." 

He says, "But I wanna buy a new Mommy and Daddy." 

Gee, thanks for the forgiveness, kid!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the ice is very thin. Better watch your step.