July 16, 2008

Eatin' Like a Man

Talk about a kid growing up fast... Apparently during our vacation, Asher decided he simply will not eat baby food anymore. He thinks it's funny to open his mouth for it only to spit it back at me. I find it slightly less funny. 

The Puffs phase is also over. He could always be quieted or pacified with Puffs. No longer. 

Bananas for breakfast were a favorite for months. Now he throws them, bowl and all, on the floor - while he looks me dead in the eye. Punk! 

So, what does a 10 month old with only 2 teeth eat you ask? Brisket, potato soup, pizza, french fries, entire pickle spears... basically whatever the heck he wants to. 

Since he was about 4 months old he's been eyeballing our food, shooting us looks as if to say, "Gimme some of that steak, I can take it!". 


Anonymous said...

That picture is just TOO cute!!!

I've heard Whole Hog's BBQ is good, but I've yet to try it. I'm totally craving it now!

Anonymous said...

I learned one thing. Don't mess around and give him a sip of Coke unless you have about 2 hours to repeat it, constantly. You're funny, Sissy. I love your writing.