July 28, 2008

Choose Your Career Wisely

So this isn't about the kids. Except that it happened while I was trying to make money to buy the 20lbs of corndogs Aidan eats each week. I donate plasma for BioLife. It's not fun but it's not that bad either and it's free money for said corndogs or say, tattoo removal. Most of the techs are nice, professional, human... There's a new face at BioLife. I call him Michigan Nazi. And hard as I try to avoid him, I guess God is in the mood for some kicks and there I sit in Michigan Nazi's section. He does his job well but he's rude as Hell! Bossy. Arrogant. And he's got the beginnings of a God Complex. Can I just say that people who deal with the public, especially those who stick needles in other people's arms for a living should refrain from being condescending jackasses? Bad Juju to the Michigan Nazi.

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