July 16, 2008

Another Smart Mouth Story

Aidan got a new toy for his birthday from Kid Sister, Jayden, and Julyan called a Zoom. It shoots these little plastic discs flying into the air and then you're supposed to catch them. It's really a pretty cool toy actually. Not that I ever play with it. So anyway, yesterday Aidan sat up on the counter and shot several of them up on the top of the cabinets. After the first one we told him not to do it, that we weren't gonna get them down for him but as usual, he just continued. Then he says, "Fine then, when KidSisterJaydenJulyan (all one word these days) come here I'm gonna tell them to bring their Lewis (my cousin who lives with them also) because he's really, really tall and he can get them from way way up there for me!". Well, looks like you've got it all figured out then, smart guy...
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