July 23, 2008

Aidan's Bad Day

Today I faced something I've been dreading for almost a full year now. At Aidan's 3 year check up last July he freaked out and hit, kicked, and screamed at the doctor. He was eventually able to be calmed just enough for a quick, probably not so thorough exam. It was awful! And then Doc uttered the words that have haunted me ever since which was that Aidan would need shots at his next check-up. Those of you who have been blessed with a front row seat for just one of his, shall we call them, episodes, you understand my anxiety. So today was the day. Like an idiot, I took him to the dentist with me this morning so he could see that it wasn't a big deal, in hopes that we might be able to take him for his first dental appointment without sedation. Yeah, that's probably not gonna happen. The big jerk flipped his wig when asked to step around the wall while I got an x-ray. Oh yes, they are definately referring him out to some other poor sucker dentist - hopefully one who will prescribe baby-xanex. It's the best thing for everyone involved, I assure you. Then it was on to the doctor's office. First freak out, stepping on the scale. This is what set him off last year. He would not get on the thing without Big Bear. We tried to weigh Big Bear alone so at least we could subtract that but, oh no! Finally we just guessed. So I guess Aidan weighs 58lbs. There were tears and threats and drama of all sorts throughout the exam and then go time. Besides me, there were 2 nurses helping to hold Aidan and 2 other nurses weilding needles. I mean to tell you it was quite the scene. He was wailing and thrashing around and the three of us were basically man-handled by a 4 year old. In the end Aidan got 3 shots - 2 in one arm and 1 in the other. He was really hurt by the whole thing, both physically and emotionally. I was watching him and after he'd quit crying, he'd would think about it again and the tears would fall. It was very sad and pathetic but nothing an ice cream sundae couldn't soothe. He'll live to torture me another day.
You'll have to forgive me for not finding out a way to take pictures for your viewing pleasure. Maybe next time he has shots... when he's TWELVE!!! Yes!!!!
He told me before he went to bed that he had a really tough day and he doesn't want to have any more tough days. Me too, kid, and me either!


Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't know how either of you made it through the day without some drugs. Thank goodness all that is over with. Whew!

Anonymous said...

oh, I know that feeling! I had my boys yearly check-ups in July also! Owen (6) and Cole (2). It was ugly. Exactly the way you described it. Owen was screaming like you were stabbing him with hot pokers. I was practially in tears when it was all over, I was so embarrassed! Ugh. HATE shots.