June 7, 2008

Boys Are Gross

Lately Aidan seems to be having a slight issue with tooting. The boy can clear a room with one silent-but-deadly. After he has been in the bathroom awhile, I swear the smell rivals a grown man - not to mention sheer quantity. He's so thoughtful to never flush anymore so I get to see every specimen. 

So back to cuttin' the cheese... Aidan just doesn't seem to be able to control it at times. He lets 'em fly just straining, or jumping, or sitting, or standing, or running... you get the picture. He also seems able to let 'em fly on command.

For instance, on Friday when Daddy was leaving the house to go back to work after lunch, Aidan was kissing him goodbye for the hundredth time. After the last kiss he bent over a little and said, "I love you, Daddy, I'll see you after work!" and then he willed a somewhat loud stinker. The look on Daddy's face was classic. I'm tearing up from laughing about it right now.

Aidan was thrilled with himself and spent the next few minutes struggling to bless us with a several more bombs. Asher and I were beside ourselves with appreciation. Please understand that I mean the polar opposite by that. Sad to say I've got nothing to show such as a picture or video and even if I did, you still won't understand until you've been personally exposed. Pray that day never comes.

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