May 14, 2008

Say What?

Could it be true? Am I a "Mommy Blogger"? I wouldn't have thought so. Quite honestly I didn't know there was a term for us lunatics who have chosen not only to have children but to display the horrors and hijinks on the world wide web for the enjoyment of others. This blog came about to share pictures and stories of the boys with family far away. I do have a MySpace page and blog (shut up!) but that's more for friends - you know, those who are familiar with and prepared for the vulgarity that can spew from me during an emotional outburst - and I keep that private anyway. It's one thing to string together as many foul, four letter words as possible to describe the jerk who left armpit sweat on the bicep machine for my friends but to imagine my grandmother reading it is something else. And so this blog was born to salvage any nice, quiet, tactful image anyone might still have of me. Yes, it's a blog about my kids and there are two boys who would call me Mommy... yup, I'm a Mommy Blogger. There are worse things to be.

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