May 28, 2008

Puke in a Bowl

We have been really lucky with Aidan in that he doesn't get car-sick. He might have screamed bloody murder the entire 11 hour drive to Ohio once as an infant but no car-sickness. He can watch movies or color or whatever on our long trips now so aside from stopping to let him potty every 40 miles, we're good to go. On the way home from Eureka Springs on Monday, he had an incident. The roads around there are very hilly and winding. It's bad enough to have made me need to stop a few times and I've never gotten car-sick. We'd been on the road about a half hour when Aidan starts whining and saying he wanted to lay down. I turned around to talk to him and he had the look. The color was actually draining from his face. I've never seen that before, it was eerie. Watching his lips turn white kinda grossed me out. Then he says he wants to go home and "puke in a bowl". At this point I know it's serious. So I'm rubbing his leg and telling him he'll feel better in just a little bit. The he starts looking around frantically and says, "I need to puke in a bowl right now!". Daddy stopped the truck and I got Aidan out but he said he wanted to lay down so I moved his booster seat and let him lay for a while. As fast as it had gone, the color came back in his face and he was fine. He's still talking about needing to "puke in a bowl" on his trip. I'm so glad that's what he's remembering about the whole weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Poor little guy! I know how he feels. This story reminds me of my first ambulance transfer. The patient was saying, "Honey, you look awful". I finally had to sit up in the front with the driver in front of the air conditioner.