May 10, 2008

Escape Artist

Today Asher escaped from his crib for the first time. I should have raised the side-bar or lowered the mattress when he started pulling himself up but he never did it in his crib so I didn't do it. Bad move... this morning Aidan was in Asher's room playing under his crib and Asher was still in it. Then I hear a little cry and a little bang so I run in there and Asher is hanging by his hands on the outside of the crib. Before I could grab him, he dropped and landed right on his bum. He seemed to think it was quite funny because he smiled and looked very pleased with himself. I've since lowered the mattress AND raised the side-bar. I'm pretty sure Aidan was almost 2 before he ever got out of his crib, is this a sign of things to come? Heaven help us...
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