May 17, 2008

Christmas in May?

What might a little boy do if he was up wandering the house while his idiot parents slept peacefully?

I don't know what a regular ol' kid would do but let me tell you what Aidan did. He pulled a box of Christmas decorations out from under our bed (uh hu, while we were asleep on it!) and started decorating Asher's room for Christmas.

He even put on the Santa suit that has been too small for him for quite some time. He looked like a deranged elf!

We woke up when he put a Christmas music cd in the DVD player and blasted us out of bed. Okay, blasted Mr out of bed. I got up a short time later to grab the camera when Aidan started asking everybody what they wanted for Christmas.

He even had Asher sit on his lap.

Asher wants a baby gun, by the way.

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Anonymous said...

How does Aidan come up with this stuff?! That is hilarious!