May 29, 2008

Boy Will Be Boys

I had my nephews Jayden and Julyan come to stay overnight on Wednesday. Aidan loves having his cousins and I love that they all hole up in Aidan's room and leave me the hell alone. There were a few pretty funny moments but I neglected to get a single picture of their antics. Guess the stories will have to do.


Bedtime was more difficult than usual with them because they were all wired! They were in there laughing their booties off, screaming at each-other, running around, and who knows what else. I went in no less than 5 times before I broke out the big guns - Daddy. As soon as he opened the door it immediately goes silent. He goes on in and in his very authorative 'I'm the Boss' voice tells them they must be quiet and calm down or the TV is going off and he doesn't want to hear anything else from any of them. He closes the door, sits down, and in a few seconds we hear all three of them crying in unison. After a bit I go in and say, "What's wrong, did Uncle *** get onto you?". Aidan says, "Daddy took my water bottle away!", Julyan says, "I can't find my blanket!", and Jayden says, "Everyone's crying!".


They really do play well together, they rarely fight but something went down this morning. I still haven't figured out what the issue was. The boys were outside in the backyard when I hear this friendly exchange...

Jayden - "You are not my best friend anymore! You aren't my cousin anymore!"

Aidan - "Yes I am, we're best friends, we just ARE!"

Jayden - "No, not anymore!"

I raise the blinds just in time to see Jayden shove Aidan down. I go out there to see what the problem is and here's how it went...

Jayden - "Aidan is not my best friend anymore! He's not even my cousin!"

Aidan - "Yes I am!"

And then it was a mass of yelling back and forth between one another until I screamed louder than both of them and sent them to a corner until they can be nice to each-other. About 2 seconds after they sat down I hear...

Jayden - "Okay, Aidan, let's be best friends again so we can play."

Aidan -"Okay, but we're not cousins 'til tomorrow!"


The boys and I were outside in the front yard when Jayden comes up to me and says, "Aunt Sissy, can I go outside?"


Kid Sister had been telling Julyan over and over not to do something and he wasn't listening so she went to grab the flyswatter and act like she's gonna spank him (I say 'act" because we all know she's a big wuss and won't do it). So she's struggling to get the flyswatter off the hook and Jayden is watching and sees the opportunity to save Julyan. He looks over at Julyan and says, "Run, Julyan, run!"


Anonymous said...

Those boys are so cute.
Nana (who isn't very partial to her grandchildren)

Anonymous said...

Man jayden is just too mean...and crazy apparently can i go outside wtf??!!