May 16, 2008

Baby and Puppy

I can't remember exactly when "Baby" and "Puppy" became Aidan's loveys. Just all of a sudden they were always there and if they weren't it was a huge problem.

Baby and Puppy have worn diapers, socks, shoes, hats, gloves, and scarves. Baby and Puppy have been the object of potty training lessons, they've acted as crash test dummies, and they've been victims of various dog attacks when left unsupervised around a dog who had yet to learn the "don't mess with Baby and Puppy" lesson from Aidan.

Puppy regularly gets put on a leash and drug behind Aidan in the supermarket. Baby must be the trouble maker because he gets put on the Time Out bench a lot.

Both have been peed on, pooped on, had hair ripped out, gotten pieces cut off of them... I could go on and on. I'm sure it doesn't need to be said that they've been washed and dried a tad more than the average stuffed toy.

He really loves them. For all the abuse they've suffered they've certainly been loved triple-fold. I think it's sweet. Daddy, not so much.

Lately Baby and Puppy have been left in the car to go in the store or even left at home and Aidan has been okay with it. Yesterday he went to preschool without them. He never even mentioned them. I know he's getting older and Baby and Puppy are going to be left behind completely at some point. I'm not sure I'm ready for that to happen yet. I'm absolutely sure Daddy is ready for it.

Looks like it's going my way since today we had to go back home after getting to preschool and pick up Baby and Puppy. One step forward and two steps back as they say.

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Anonymous said...

I've always thought his Baby/Puppy obsession was so sweet. Except for the time I tried to take Aidan to Toys R Us without them. Lesson learned!