May 29, 2008

Boy Will Be Boys

I had my nephews Jayden and Julyan come to stay overnight on Wednesday. Aidan loves having his cousins and I love that they all hole up in Aidan's room and leave me the hell alone. There were a few pretty funny moments but I neglected to get a single picture of their antics. Guess the stories will have to do.


Bedtime was more difficult than usual with them because they were all wired! They were in there laughing their booties off, screaming at each-other, running around, and who knows what else. I went in no less than 5 times before I broke out the big guns - Daddy. As soon as he opened the door it immediately goes silent. He goes on in and in his very authorative 'I'm the Boss' voice tells them they must be quiet and calm down or the TV is going off and he doesn't want to hear anything else from any of them. He closes the door, sits down, and in a few seconds we hear all three of them crying in unison. After a bit I go in and say, "What's wrong, did Uncle *** get onto you?". Aidan says, "Daddy took my water bottle away!", Julyan says, "I can't find my blanket!", and Jayden says, "Everyone's crying!".


They really do play well together, they rarely fight but something went down this morning. I still haven't figured out what the issue was. The boys were outside in the backyard when I hear this friendly exchange...

Jayden - "You are not my best friend anymore! You aren't my cousin anymore!"

Aidan - "Yes I am, we're best friends, we just ARE!"

Jayden - "No, not anymore!"

I raise the blinds just in time to see Jayden shove Aidan down. I go out there to see what the problem is and here's how it went...

Jayden - "Aidan is not my best friend anymore! He's not even my cousin!"

Aidan - "Yes I am!"

And then it was a mass of yelling back and forth between one another until I screamed louder than both of them and sent them to a corner until they can be nice to each-other. About 2 seconds after they sat down I hear...

Jayden - "Okay, Aidan, let's be best friends again so we can play."

Aidan -"Okay, but we're not cousins 'til tomorrow!"


The boys and I were outside in the front yard when Jayden comes up to me and says, "Aunt Sissy, can I go outside?"


Kid Sister had been telling Julyan over and over not to do something and he wasn't listening so she went to grab the flyswatter and act like she's gonna spank him (I say 'act" because we all know she's a big wuss and won't do it). So she's struggling to get the flyswatter off the hook and Jayden is watching and sees the opportunity to save Julyan. He looks over at Julyan and says, "Run, Julyan, run!"

May 28, 2008

Puke in a Bowl

We have been really lucky with Aidan in that he doesn't get car-sick. He might have screamed bloody murder the entire 11 hour drive to Ohio once as an infant but no car-sickness. He can watch movies or color or whatever on our long trips now so aside from stopping to let him potty every 40 miles, we're good to go. On the way home from Eureka Springs on Monday, he had an incident. The roads around there are very hilly and winding. It's bad enough to have made me need to stop a few times and I've never gotten car-sick. We'd been on the road about a half hour when Aidan starts whining and saying he wanted to lay down. I turned around to talk to him and he had the look. The color was actually draining from his face. I've never seen that before, it was eerie. Watching his lips turn white kinda grossed me out. Then he says he wants to go home and "puke in a bowl". At this point I know it's serious. So I'm rubbing his leg and telling him he'll feel better in just a little bit. The he starts looking around frantically and says, "I need to puke in a bowl right now!". Daddy stopped the truck and I got Aidan out but he said he wanted to lay down so I moved his booster seat and let him lay for a while. As fast as it had gone, the color came back in his face and he was fine. He's still talking about needing to "puke in a bowl" on his trip. I'm so glad that's what he's remembering about the whole weekend.

May 23, 2008

So true

I came across this little dandy and it touched my cold, cold heart. It rang oh so very true to me!

I love my kids. I just don't love the actual work of raising them...or the public humiliation.

May 21, 2008

Branching Out

So apparently my attempts to extend Asher's diet outside of orange food aren't welcome. All the kid eats is orange food! Sweet potatoes, carrots, etc... The beta-keratine in his system must be unreal! I keep watching for his skin to turn the color of Ernie from Sesame Street.

I decided to buy spinach, peas, beans, and baby potatoes and make some mixes for him. The peas garnered a slightly irritated look but he dealt with it. Spinach, however, produced an actual involuntary gag. It was kind of awesome.

May 20, 2008

Ketchup Makes It Even Better

I've blogged before about the incomprehensible things Aidan eats with ketchup. Well, the situation has taken another step off the gross end. We had a picnic this weekend and Daddy made S'mores for dessert. Oh yeah, you can guess where this is going. He dipped it in ketchup. Ketchup! A yummy hot S'more in ketchup! I may have even threw up a little in my mouth when he did it. I might be about to throw up a little in my mouth right now. Yup, end of blog...

May 19, 2008

Once Bitten

Asher is only days away from being 9 months old. I've made jokes about him still not having teeth, calling him The Toothless Wonder, and actually worrying about it a little. Apparently while I was busy doing all that, he popped up a tooth. I was introduced to it when he bit me with it this weekend! He thought it was hysterical, you should have seen the grin. I imagine he was thinking, "how's that for a Toothless Wonder, Mama?". This morning I think he might have bitten Aidan because I heard him exclaim, "ouch! you're a sharp tooth dinosaur!".

May 17, 2008

Christmas in May?

What might a little boy do if he was up wandering the house while his idiot parents slept peacefully?

I don't know what a regular ol' kid would do but let me tell you what Aidan did. He pulled a box of Christmas decorations out from under our bed (uh hu, while we were asleep on it!) and started decorating Asher's room for Christmas.

He even put on the Santa suit that has been too small for him for quite some time. He looked like a deranged elf!

We woke up when he put a Christmas music cd in the DVD player and blasted us out of bed. Okay, blasted Mr out of bed. I got up a short time later to grab the camera when Aidan started asking everybody what they wanted for Christmas.

He even had Asher sit on his lap.

Asher wants a baby gun, by the way.

May 16, 2008

Baby and Puppy

I can't remember exactly when "Baby" and "Puppy" became Aidan's loveys. Just all of a sudden they were always there and if they weren't it was a huge problem.

Baby and Puppy have worn diapers, socks, shoes, hats, gloves, and scarves. Baby and Puppy have been the object of potty training lessons, they've acted as crash test dummies, and they've been victims of various dog attacks when left unsupervised around a dog who had yet to learn the "don't mess with Baby and Puppy" lesson from Aidan.

Puppy regularly gets put on a leash and drug behind Aidan in the supermarket. Baby must be the trouble maker because he gets put on the Time Out bench a lot.

Both have been peed on, pooped on, had hair ripped out, gotten pieces cut off of them... I could go on and on. I'm sure it doesn't need to be said that they've been washed and dried a tad more than the average stuffed toy.

He really loves them. For all the abuse they've suffered they've certainly been loved triple-fold. I think it's sweet. Daddy, not so much.

Lately Baby and Puppy have been left in the car to go in the store or even left at home and Aidan has been okay with it. Yesterday he went to preschool without them. He never even mentioned them. I know he's getting older and Baby and Puppy are going to be left behind completely at some point. I'm not sure I'm ready for that to happen yet. I'm absolutely sure Daddy is ready for it.

Looks like it's going my way since today we had to go back home after getting to preschool and pick up Baby and Puppy. One step forward and two steps back as they say.

A Thought

Wow! Have you ever had a day with your children that made you just sit in the silence you feared might never come and marvel at them as beings? Yeah, had one of those recently and the thought that kept running through my head... "this is why some animals eat their young".

May 14, 2008

Say What?

Could it be true? Am I a "Mommy Blogger"? I wouldn't have thought so. Quite honestly I didn't know there was a term for us lunatics who have chosen not only to have children but to display the horrors and hijinks on the world wide web for the enjoyment of others. This blog came about to share pictures and stories of the boys with family far away. I do have a MySpace page and blog (shut up!) but that's more for friends - you know, those who are familiar with and prepared for the vulgarity that can spew from me during an emotional outburst - and I keep that private anyway. It's one thing to string together as many foul, four letter words as possible to describe the jerk who left armpit sweat on the bicep machine for my friends but to imagine my grandmother reading it is something else. And so this blog was born to salvage any nice, quiet, tactful image anyone might still have of me. Yes, it's a blog about my kids and there are two boys who would call me Mommy... yup, I'm a Mommy Blogger. There are worse things to be.

May 10, 2008

Escape Artist

Today Asher escaped from his crib for the first time. I should have raised the side-bar or lowered the mattress when he started pulling himself up but he never did it in his crib so I didn't do it. Bad move... this morning Aidan was in Asher's room playing under his crib and Asher was still in it. Then I hear a little cry and a little bang so I run in there and Asher is hanging by his hands on the outside of the crib. Before I could grab him, he dropped and landed right on his bum. He seemed to think it was quite funny because he smiled and looked very pleased with himself. I've since lowered the mattress AND raised the side-bar. I'm pretty sure Aidan was almost 2 before he ever got out of his crib, is this a sign of things to come? Heaven help us...

May 4, 2008

Sissy the RockStar!

Last night I had 4 little boys at my house. It was welcomed chaos and it was enjoyed. I was right on the top of my ODC ball and had them fed, bathed, and in bed by 8:30pm! (I said in bed, not necessarily asleep.) It was a pretty Martha Stewart-style stunt - no really, I'm JUST like her :) Bright eyed and bushy tailed, all 4 of them were up at 6:15am and therefore by some cosmic joke, so was I. Despite the unGodly hour, I whipped up pancakes RayRay-style! After breakfast, the true insanity ensues when they start going nuts with train wrecks and dinosaur fights, anything and everything - all over the house. I'm thinking, "whatever, they're having fun and since they are moving away soon..."! Then comes THE CALL... our realtor saying someone wants to see the house in 2 hours! WTF?!?! So I said to my myself, "Self, I said, Ok, you're a blankin' rockstar, you've got this!" I had this place in perfect condition, had the boys dressed, packed them lunches, got them all loaded up on bikes, scooters and strollers, grabbed the dog and headed to a nearby park with 5 minutes to spare! *Holy blankin' blank!", I couldn't do that again if I tried. RockStar, that's me!!! :)