April 14, 2008

What We Do

Aidan says, "You have to fix my fishing pole, Daddy, you always know how to fix stuff!" 

Then he mumbles, "I know how to break stuff and Mommy knows to go to the store and buy stuff." 

My husband naturally thinks this is hysterical (and true). I respectfully disagree...

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Anonymous said...

You know what we just figured out that he's doing at our house? We have these cable things attached to a screwing device on the gates around the back fence. They're so you can pull the gate up on the end away from the hinges when they start sagging. You just turn the screwing thing and it tightens them up so they don't drag on the ground. Well, they keep coming loose from the screwing device and I can't figure out how. What's more, they're like on the outside of the fence, at least the one I fixed yesterday was. Freddy was watching me from the deck and says, "You know who's undoing those?" I immediately said, "Aidan?", and he said, "Yes". It was the only possible answer.