April 6, 2008

Listening and Hearing

As much as we think Aidan never listens to us, it's obvious he actually does hear what we are saying. I was beginning to think he might somehow lack the capability to comprehend what we were saying to him. Good to know that's not the case - he apparently just doesn't care what we're saying.

Aidan gets so busy he just waits and waits to go potty (you remember how dismantling the fireplace logs or filling up a cooler with pulled grass can be pretty engrossing activities, right?). So eventually he's hopping around and holding himself. I'll ask him if he needs to go potty, of course he says no, and then I ask him why he's doing the pee pee dance. Today out of nowhere Aidan jumped up and said, "Oh ,oh, I gotta go potty 'cuz I'm doing the pee pee dance!"

Almost every single day I have to tell Aidan to stop wrapping himself up in the curtains in the livingroom. This morning Daddy told Aidan to stop pulling on the drapes and Aidan told him, "But they're not drapes, they're curtains!" and later in the afternoon when told not to get his dirty feet on the furniture he said, "Well, Daddy, I can get on here because this is the couch."

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Anonymous said...

It's all just semantics, isn't it?