April 1, 2008

The Doodlebop Saga

Have you seen this creepy kids musical group called The Doodlebops? Oh my God in Heaven, nothing - and I mean NOTHING - has grated on my every raw nerve and given me homicidal fantasies like these "bops" do on a daily basis. Every morning Aidan comes into our room and watches a string of cartoons on Playhouse Disney. Unfortunately Doodlebops are smack dab in the middle of that line-up. The pink girl - Dee Dee (I wish I didn’t know that) is way too happy to be normal. I think psych-wards should check to make sure she didn’t escape. Mo is the orange guy (wish I didn’t know that either) and he’s kind of like #3 if you’ve ever seen Multiplicity. But the one who sets off the homicidal fantasies is the blue guy, Rooney (I really wish I didn’t know him in particular). He’s the most over-the-top actor, I mean he acts gayer than I’ve ever seen someone act. It's this Doodle who made me dream that they were staying with us and after a night or two, I went into blue guy Rooney’s room and strangled him just so he would shut up! I coudn’t take it anymore! All of their voices are shrill but Dee Dee’s laugh is not human. And she thinks shes the funniest person or Doodle or whatever alive. And that Mo, the fool pulls the rope every single day and every single day pulling the rope dumps water on him. They sing incredibily annoying songs about dumb stuff...there are many more reasons I can think of that make me want to pop a cyanide pill when I hear them. When I woke up from the Rooney dream, I was making my plans to kill Dee Dee. It's not healthy. :)


God loves me! Do you think He reads my blog? Doodlebops are are mercifully absent from the critical Playhouse Disney line-up so far this week! However, I’m quickly developing an aversion to Bunny Town. Have you ever thought that you could come up with the most annoying, retarded, simple, odd-ball characters, have them sing redundant songs, pitch it to some kids network and retire off the misery of parents nationwide? I’m going for it!

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure you wouldn't really rather be a parole officer, honey?