April 29, 2008

Not Acting

Yesterday morning I was dropping Aidan and Asher off at the gym daycare. Overall it went about as well as the normal preschool mornings. In the end he did stay and ended up really liking it but in the midst of it he started to get nasty. He told me, "I will not stay here, I just won't!" After a couple of minutes of this I told him not to act ugly and that he was acting like a brat. He stopped cold, glared up at me, and growled, "I am not acting!" Ha! There are certainly times I agree with ya, kid.

April 18, 2008

Aidan's First Suspension

Well, Aidan finally did it, he got kicked out of preschool. Thursday he woke up excited to go like normal, everything was going fine...until I tried to leave him there. I've wrote before about his antics at goodbye time. This was not one of those antics. He lost his dang mind and threw a HUGE tantrum. I waited outside until I thought he calmed down and then left. Not 10 minutes later I get a call from his teacher saying he won't calm down, he's kicking, hitting, screaming, throwing toys - just going nuts. She said they were gonna try to ignore him but if he didn't stop soon I'd have to come get him. 10 minutes after that I was picking him up. He was in a foul mood all day long! I had to take him to the chiropractor with me and he sat on the floor and screamed at me the entire time - it was awful. By 1 o'clock he had lost all of his toys, spent most of the time we had been home in his room, and didn't have a chance on Earth of watching his cartoons. He finally fell asleep around 3 and slept until 7:30, got up and ate dinner and went back to bed at 8:30! Obviously it takes a lot of energy to be such a jerk!
This morning he colored a card for his teachers to say he was sorry. He walked in, put his stuff up, kissed me, and walked over to a table to play with his friends. He never even looked back at me. How is that the same kid? Just when I think one of us isn't gonna make it...

April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Momma

Before he left for work in the am, Daddy got out Aidan's crayons and markers to make a birthday card for me. Sweet gesture yes, however, he didn't take them away from Aidan when he did leave for work. When I got up Aidan came into my room with red marker drawing from his ankle to his hip on one leg. *Sorry, no pix* I naturally start ranting and Aidan says, "But Momma, I had to make my leg beautiful for your birthday!" Now it's possible he did it for me for my birthday but let's be logical for a second. I suspect he did it for fun and when I got mad he came up with that to get me off his case. Noone ever accused him of being dumb.

April 14, 2008

What We Do

Aidan says, "You have to fix my fishing pole, Daddy, you always know how to fix stuff!" 

Then he mumbles, "I know how to break stuff and Mommy knows to go to the store and buy stuff." 

My husband naturally thinks this is hysterical (and true). I respectfully disagree...

April 13, 2008

Talking Anatomy?

This afternoon we kept telling Aidan to go potty. He was bouncing around doing the pee pee dance and swearing he didn't have to go as usual. After arguing back and forth for a while he leans over in my face and says, "But I don't have to go potty, my p*n*s says it doesn't have to pee!"

April 11, 2008

Good Choices

This morning at preschool Aidan started the usual hassle when it was time for me to leave. I kept telling him not to act ugly and to choose to be good so we could go do something fun after school. Let's just say he didn't immediately choose to have fun. He was still pathetically screaming when I got out the door (no tears, mind you). A short while later his teacher called to tell me how it turned out. He refused to go back into the classroom so she got the timer out and he started his time out. When it went off after 3 minutes she asked him to come in. He of course snapped back, "No, I won't go in!". She said, "Okay, another time out then." He jumped up and went in the classroom. She said a few minutes later he came up to her and said, "I'm gonna make good choices cuz I like to have fun, I like to choose to have fun!" That's my boy!!!

April 7, 2008

In 5 minutes

You'd think after 3 1/2 years with Aidan I'd have learned that taking my eyes off of him for 5 minutes can, and most likely will, create an average of an hour's work to fix or clean up what he destroyed. Case in point... today I wanted to take my shower. Asher was playing in his high chair and Aidan was playing with his little vacuum. I went into the bathroom, turned on the shower, cleaned my face, and brushed out my hair before going back out to corral them in the bathroom with me. In the short time it took me to do those things Aidan got my Dyson vacuum cleaner out and vacuumed up all of Lexi's food and WATER! Then he took the canister off and was dragging it across the carpet leaking nasty black water on the carpets we just had cleaned last week. He looked at me and said, "Hey Mama, can you please not get me in trouble for this?" For a minute I actually thought my head might explode right then and there. I look over at him right now and he's eating Gold Fish crackers and watching Timon & Pumba - looking like an angel. All I can say is he's lucky he's got multiple personalities and not just the one devious one!

April 6, 2008

Listening and Hearing

As much as we think Aidan never listens to us, it's obvious he actually does hear what we are saying. I was beginning to think he might somehow lack the capability to comprehend what we were saying to him. Good to know that's not the case - he apparently just doesn't care what we're saying.

Aidan gets so busy he just waits and waits to go potty (you remember how dismantling the fireplace logs or filling up a cooler with pulled grass can be pretty engrossing activities, right?). So eventually he's hopping around and holding himself. I'll ask him if he needs to go potty, of course he says no, and then I ask him why he's doing the pee pee dance. Today out of nowhere Aidan jumped up and said, "Oh ,oh, I gotta go potty 'cuz I'm doing the pee pee dance!"

Almost every single day I have to tell Aidan to stop wrapping himself up in the curtains in the livingroom. This morning Daddy told Aidan to stop pulling on the drapes and Aidan told him, "But they're not drapes, they're curtains!" and later in the afternoon when told not to get his dirty feet on the furniture he said, "Well, Daddy, I can get on here because this is the couch."

April 1, 2008

The Doodlebop Saga

Have you seen this creepy kids musical group called The Doodlebops? Oh my God in Heaven, nothing - and I mean NOTHING - has grated on my every raw nerve and given me homicidal fantasies like these "bops" do on a daily basis. Every morning Aidan comes into our room and watches a string of cartoons on Playhouse Disney. Unfortunately Doodlebops are smack dab in the middle of that line-up. The pink girl - Dee Dee (I wish I didn’t know that) is way too happy to be normal. I think psych-wards should check to make sure she didn’t escape. Mo is the orange guy (wish I didn’t know that either) and he’s kind of like #3 if you’ve ever seen Multiplicity. But the one who sets off the homicidal fantasies is the blue guy, Rooney (I really wish I didn’t know him in particular). He’s the most over-the-top actor, I mean he acts gayer than I’ve ever seen someone act. It's this Doodle who made me dream that they were staying with us and after a night or two, I went into blue guy Rooney’s room and strangled him just so he would shut up! I coudn’t take it anymore! All of their voices are shrill but Dee Dee’s laugh is not human. And she thinks shes the funniest person or Doodle or whatever alive. And that Mo, the fool pulls the rope every single day and every single day pulling the rope dumps water on him. They sing incredibily annoying songs about dumb stuff...there are many more reasons I can think of that make me want to pop a cyanide pill when I hear them. When I woke up from the Rooney dream, I was making my plans to kill Dee Dee. It's not healthy. :)


God loves me! Do you think He reads my blog? Doodlebops are are mercifully absent from the critical Playhouse Disney line-up so far this week! However, I’m quickly developing an aversion to Bunny Town. Have you ever thought that you could come up with the most annoying, retarded, simple, odd-ball characters, have them sing redundant songs, pitch it to some kids network and retire off the misery of parents nationwide? I’m going for it!