March 6, 2008

Leaps and Bounds

Aidan's preschool saga has taken a big upturn. Drop off is always dramatic but it's becoming less and less each time now. At first, one of his teachers would have to hold him while I took off (at great physical risk to them selves - those of you who have witnessed that insanity know what I mean). Then it progressed to him just sitting in the corner saying very pathetic things like, "no, Momma, please don't leave me here, I love you, please Momma!" and shooting me dirty looks as I left. During the day, he would participate in most activities when asked but there are two things he would simply refuse to do - have a snack and sit with the other kids while they sing songs. I guess he has finally become comfortable with everybody there because all of a sudden today he did both of those things without any push from anyone. He was also 'line leader' for helping clean up and apparently you can't get any cooler than 'line leader' in the Shining Stars class. He even started calling his teachers by name! I always knew he would come around eventually but he is so stubborn, I knew it could take months but I think his teachers had given up hope. He's pretty proud of himself too, I might add. He keeps telling me, "oh, I was so good today, I 'be-serb' a treat".

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