March 27, 2008

Anything for Bee Movie

Aidan is 3 1/2 years old and today was the first time he has had his picture professionally taken. Oh yes, it's true, and you ALL know why that is. During his first 9 months the idea of him not crying long enough to have one taken was hysterical to us. When he was 1 we actually went as far as to take him to the didn't turn out well...and we haven't tried since :) I knew picture day was coming up at preschool but didn't hold out much hope that he'd go for it. When I first brought it up this morning he said, "no way, Mama, I don't want to take a picture, I won't!". When we got to preschool he acted like he might do it so I stayed. We watched the other kids take their picture but when his time came, he wouldn't go. I told him that was fine, no big deal. His teacher said she'd take him over after I left and see if she could get him to go for it. Earlier in the morning I had told Aidan that if he would let them take a picture of him, he could get a new movie, but that he didn't have to, it was his choice. Ever since he watched a few clips of Bee Movie on the computer a few weeks ago he's been obsessed so that was the movie he said he'd get. I called later in the afternoon and got the word, he not only took a great picture with no trouble at all but he also stood still for the class photo too! I'm so proud of him!!! We predict a lot of Bee Movie in our future. 'Bee' on the lookout for the pictures, I can't wait to get them!


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a little bribery!

Can't wait to see Mr. Handsome's pictures!

Anonymous said...

Adam just got this movie as a gift from Drew. Is it cute or what? I could watch it over and over. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, where are those pictures?