February 21, 2008

More Aidan Speak

Aidan comes up with some really funny quotes, phrases, and mispronounciations. Here are just a few of the latest ones.

I always say to him, "I sure do love you", so now he starts most sentences with "I sure do...", "I sure do want to go outside, Mom, I sure do!".

Just today he said, "speaking of which, I want a corndog".

He'll tell me, "well actually, Mom, my coat in is the truck".

When he wants something to eat he'll tell me, "but it's my favorite and it tastes so good and it's so good for me, Momma!" When he doesn't want to eat something it's, "oh no, that's not my favorite!".

Wal-Mart - "Wal-Ma-Nart"

Library - "bry-ber-dee"

Figaro (as in the song) - "Fidge-er-o"

Survivor - "Ser-by-ber"

Forgot - "fer-brought"

Guitar - "ba-tar"

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