February 5, 2008

Aidan Talk

To me after I refused to let him bury all of his stuffed animals in the sandbox... "I'm going in my room cuz you're being a pain in the butt to me, Momma, and it's no fun for me!"

To Asher... "Asheee, when you get older, I'm gonna teach you to walk and then I'm gonna knock you down and if you cry I'm gonna teach you to be a big boy like me."

In between sobs when I try to leave the house without him... "no, Momma, please don't leave me, it won't make me happy!"

Muttered after getting irritated by a toy he couldn't get to work the way he thought it should work... "this thing is making me crazy, really making me crazy, just like my Daddy makes me crazy!"

Out of the clear blue yesterday he found an old pack of crackers and obviously remembered that we bought them for our trip to Nebraska for Thanksgiving because he comes in hugging them and says, "Oh Momma, these are for our trip to Nebraska! Yeah, yeah..."

And just last night he started calling my new laptop a "bumpooter". I can't figure out why, he's always called the desktop a "pooter" but somehow this is different. I don't try too hard to figure out his reasoning anymore :)

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