February 21, 2008

More Aidan Speak

Aidan comes up with some really funny quotes, phrases, and mispronounciations. Here are just a few of the latest ones.

I always say to him, "I sure do love you", so now he starts most sentences with "I sure do...", "I sure do want to go outside, Mom, I sure do!".

Just today he said, "speaking of which, I want a corndog".

He'll tell me, "well actually, Mom, my coat in is the truck".

When he wants something to eat he'll tell me, "but it's my favorite and it tastes so good and it's so good for me, Momma!" When he doesn't want to eat something it's, "oh no, that's not my favorite!".

Wal-Mart - "Wal-Ma-Nart"

Library - "bry-ber-dee"

Figaro (as in the song) - "Fidge-er-o"

Survivor - "Ser-by-ber"

Forgot - "fer-brought"

Guitar - "ba-tar"

February 19, 2008

So guess what guys...

This evening Aidan was playing with his toys in the living room when he jumps up all of a sudden and yells, "Oooh oooh, I gotta go potty!" and takes off running to the bathroom. A few minutes later he comes slinking back in the living room, pops his head up over the couch, and says, "So guess what guys, um, there's a itta bita pee pee in my underwear!".

February 5, 2008

Aidan Talk

To me after I refused to let him bury all of his stuffed animals in the sandbox... "I'm going in my room cuz you're being a pain in the butt to me, Momma, and it's no fun for me!"

To Asher... "Asheee, when you get older, I'm gonna teach you to walk and then I'm gonna knock you down and if you cry I'm gonna teach you to be a big boy like me."

In between sobs when I try to leave the house without him... "no, Momma, please don't leave me, it won't make me happy!"

Muttered after getting irritated by a toy he couldn't get to work the way he thought it should work... "this thing is making me crazy, really making me crazy, just like my Daddy makes me crazy!"

Out of the clear blue yesterday he found an old pack of crackers and obviously remembered that we bought them for our trip to Nebraska for Thanksgiving because he comes in hugging them and says, "Oh Momma, these are for our trip to Nebraska! Yeah, yeah..."

And just last night he started calling my new laptop a "bumpooter". I can't figure out why, he's always called the desktop a "pooter" but somehow this is different. I don't try too hard to figure out his reasoning anymore :)

February 2, 2008

He Poops What?

I've started making some of Asher's baby food - squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, and bananas. One day I was feeding him the sweet potatoes when he starts doing the doo. I stop and change him and it's pretty orange, obviously sweet potatoes. Of course Aidan is right there supervising as usual. I even texted my husband to marvel at how fast the sweet potatoes "passed". His responding text, "thanks for that!". So it was that evening when Aidan and Daddy were outside playing that Aidan all of a sudden stops what he's doing and yells out "Hey Daddy, Asher poops sweet potatoes!"