January 6, 2008

Tech Support and Aidan's Mouth

I've suddenly got another New Years Resolution...I am not speaking to Tech Support for any reason for at least the rest of the year! 

We've spent enough time together the last few days and we're breaking up for good this time. 

Aidan comes in the room while Geek Squad was here. I asked him where his Daddy was. He quickly answers, "He's going poop". That kid will tell everything he knows, and everything he thinks he knows :)


Anonymous said...

That Aidan...he's never at a loss for things to say. Wonder if Jon has kids of his own yet? If not, that day may have been good birth control for him! :)

Sorry about your iPhone frustrations!

Anonymous said...

Lol! Oh my God, that's hysterical! That child is a mess!