January 24, 2008

Daddy vs Asher

Last weekend Daddy was changing Asher's diaper - and grumbling about it I might add. I hear the rip of the diaper tabs and then, "Oh, gross, boy! Oh, that is just gross!"... and so on and so forth. Then he brings me the diaper to show me the horror he is dealing with - okay, it was gross but I've been covered with worse. I guess while he was in here showing me the diaper, Asher started peeing, so then I hear, "Oh, Asher, no! Stop peeing! There's pee everywhere!" Apparently Asher found the situation a tad funny and must have been smiling because then I hear, "Oh, that's funny, hu? How do you like this cold wipe on your butt?" Ahhh, the differences in Mommy and Daddy.

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