January 25, 2008

Momma's Temperature

Yesterday I was scolding Aidan for one thing or another most of the afternoon. After one tongue lashing, he walks out of the room mumbling something about me making him crazy (yup, got that one from me). A few minutes later he comes back in and says, "Momma, you needa control your temperature!" Everything I say to that kid backfires on me...

January 24, 2008

Daddy vs Asher

Last weekend Daddy was changing Asher's diaper - and grumbling about it I might add. I hear the rip of the diaper tabs and then, "Oh, gross, boy! Oh, that is just gross!"... and so on and so forth. Then he brings me the diaper to show me the horror he is dealing with - okay, it was gross but I've been covered with worse. I guess while he was in here showing me the diaper, Asher started peeing, so then I hear, "Oh, Asher, no! Stop peeing! There's pee everywhere!" Apparently Asher found the situation a tad funny and must have been smiling because then I hear, "Oh, that's funny, hu? How do you like this cold wipe on your butt?" Ahhh, the differences in Mommy and Daddy.

January 18, 2008

Preschool and Onward

Something I forgot to include in the Aidan Goes To Preschool blog... Aidan has a funny way of asking for or suggesting things to us - he says, "What 'bout you take me to the park?" or "What 'bout I have some of your tea?" I think it's hilarious and I don't know where he came up with it but it entertains me so I don't correct him. So yesterday morning as we're driving to preschool, he says to me, "Hey Momma, what 'bout when I get older I'll drive and you'll ride in the back?" I told him that it was along time until he can drive (Thank God) but that maybe I'd ride in the back when he does. And he replies, "No, I'm gonna drive this truck tomorrow to preschool all by myself, you can't ride!" That's Aidan for ya, there's no taking things one step at a time, it's run full speed at it and dive in head first. Preschool to driving a truck alone in one day - I don't think so!

January 6, 2008

Tech Support and Aidan's Mouth

I've suddenly got another New Years Resolution...I am not speaking to Tech Support for any reason for at least the rest of the year! 

We've spent enough time together the last few days and we're breaking up for good this time. 

Aidan comes in the room while Geek Squad was here. I asked him where his Daddy was. He quickly answers, "He's going poop". That kid will tell everything he knows, and everything he thinks he knows :)